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Feb 11, 2008
Hello there,

I know nothing about any of this ceph business, but it all sounds very fascinating, and you all seem very knowledgeable so I am hoping you can help...

I remember watching a documentary (aired Down Under) a few years ago - all about octopus (octopi? sorry, I don't even know which is correct!!) and their night-time activities. It was set entirely in a lab. The intention had been to see what they got up to at night in their tanks, so they had the cameras on non-stop. And I seem to recall the scientisty-type people were shocked to find out the next day that the octopus/octopi had climbed out of their tanks and across the room, into the other tanks. It seemed as though scientists had not known of this ability before.

Now, as I said, I know nothing about these clever animals and so on reflection, this may have been April Fools' Day - in which case please feel free to laugh at me:smile: but if by any chance this was a real documentary and anyone knows how I can get hold of a copy, I would be extremely happy as I enjoyed it very much,

Thanks, nice octopus people!

:welcome: to TONMO. I'm not familiar with a particular documentary, but it's a very common story that octopuses love to escape their tanks and go eat fish out of the adjacent ones... I believe I first heard about that in the 70s, or maybe early 80s, but I think it's been observed a lot earlier than that... unfortunately, occasionally the octo will not be able to get back to its tank, and ends up dead on the floor :sad: but otherwise, it's pretty cute. DHyslop used to "walk" his octopus occasionally: Out for a stroll
Olorin grabbed me like that last night,but he was holding on to a large piece of liverock.When he tried to pull my hand in he would pick the live rock up about 2 or 3 inches.It was pretty impressive.
Wow, awesome pics! For years I have been wondering if this was all true, or if I had imagined the doco.

Thanks for the info... if I ever find the doco I will let you guys know :smile:

Someone had described this documentary to me as well, but I don't think I've seen it (I would think I would remember the images... I think it was only described to me). Or was it just a story that someone told during a documentary, without the images? I'm wondering if it was mentioned during the Incredible Suckers documentary.
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