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Apr 18, 2007
Hi all, this is my first post on the website. I have read a lot of the literature on the site and have found it quite helpful. I am interested in trying my luck at a cuttlefish.....I have had reef tanks for many years and am interested in trying something new. I had a couple of questions that I was looking for a little help:

1) Is there a place to go to purchase the min. cuttlefish that I have been reading about on your site?

2) Any recommendations for newbies / lessons learned?

Many thanks to all!
:welcome: to TONMO.

There is a "cuttlefish availability" thread which is the best place to check on where people know about currently available animals. Several folks around here raise Sepia bandensis but as far as I know none of them have eggs or tank-raised animals available right now. Someone did just recently buy some eggs from a supplier, which hatched almost immediately.

As for starting information, we always advise folks to read the articles under "Ceph Care Articles" in the menus at the top left of the page to start with, since they answer many of the common questions. Using the "forum search" for answers you can't find there is also helpful. Of course, asking for more details or pointers is fine, too.
Thanks all for the warm welcome.....I live Northern Virginia, so I'm sure it will be tough to get my hands on one....I would prefer to get one aquacultered if at all possible, so I'll probably just wait and see if a US grower gets some eggs or hatches a baby.


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