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New tank


Apr 18, 2004
I had the idea of setting up a 5-6 foot tank with mesh didviders to allow water to flow between the compartments. I was planning on having three sections - one for an octo - one for a cuttle and one for a normal reef - in the middle. If the 5 foot tank isn't big enough for three sections, i could either have 2 sections or use my 6 foot tank.

Are there any problems with this - eg. would there be sufficient water flow if i place a power head at each end? etc
It sounds like a nice idea, but.....
You would probably need a tank at least that large just for a cuttlefish. A third of that tank would be too small for an octopus, too, unless it was a very small one. Also, putting them together like that could cause some stress, as the octopus and cuttlefish would want to get into the middle section. You might do better with three large tanks.

A 6 x 2 ft is about 200 gallons, it might work if you split em up into just two, There quite a few cuttles wo grow rather large so only get the smaller species if you're planning on that.
thanks nancy and joel!

Hmmm... well i cant afford 3 large tanks - though i would LOVE to own 3.

I was looking at an australian variety of cuttle, probably a reaper which have a full grown mantle at 10 - 12 cm according to cephbase. and nice colours!!!

So i guess the three compartments wont work!!

I could always start with just a cuttlefish or just a reef and set up my old 3' for an octo? Would this 3' be big enough for a smaller cuttlefish such as a reaper or if i am extremely luck sepia pfefferi or an octopus?

What you said about stress nancy... would this be because they were housed together or because the tank was too small? Would they ink at each other?

thanks again,

Octos and cuttles don't do well, for me, a dwarf octo moving rocks killed my cuttle in the process though they didn't bother bout each other.

I've only seen metasepia pfefferi on sale once, and thats all, they're rather rare and not very well known, like the mimic octopus, so its not reccommended that you keep one.

whats the width of the tank? 3 ft could possibly support smaller cuttles.
the 3 ft is only a 3' x 1.5"

metasepia pfefferi are from indonesia and northern australia where i am from so maybe i could talk to trawlers in the area?


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