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New tank need advice


Sep 24, 2003
I have started collecting my stuff for my octo tank, i need a little help with equipment though.
(1) its a 55 gallon
(2) should i have two double headed bio-wheel filters(brand?)
(3) type of protein skimmer?(hang-on preferably)
(4) how much live rock
if anyone has a direction to steer me in that would be great, i looked at the set-up page. I need to know how to over filter my tank so the octo will have the best water quality whenever i get him in months to come

Aug 6, 2003
55 gallon is good for a bimac, you should be getting about 60 - 65 pounds of rock. (I think it's like, number of gallons in the tank times 1.7, correct me if I'm wrong.)