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New octopus


Dec 22, 2004
Our bimac arrived happy and healthy Friday courtesy of Zyan and Federal Express. His mantle length is about an inch and his name is coming soon. He hatched the week of August 5th making him about four months old.

After drip acclimating I put the bag in the water and he climbed out within 30 seconds and started looking for a den. Here's a 2 mb video of how he found his first candidate location

After about a half hour he had enough of that spot and climbed under the arch and made a new home on the back of the same piece where he's been ever since. We were a little worried because he didn't eat Friday or Saturday, but Saturday night I found the remains of a crab not an hour after the lights went out.

This morning I put in another and it was dead as soon as it walked by the den. Unfortunately I didn't see either event first hand. I haven't actually seen him since he moved behind the rock, but I have seen little plumes of dust when he moves and the occasional little red cephalo-poop leaving the vicinity.

Videos and pictures should be forthcoming as he becomes less shy.

Awesome and great news on your new baby! I also plan to get one hopefully by the end of this week! :smile: Nothing like a Bimac!!!!!:biggrin2:
Congratulations and welcome to the little bimac! As soon as we have a name, I'll add him to the List of Our Octopuses.

Bimacs have such good personalities - looking forward to pics!

:welcome: to the new octo! And from your pics recently, I'm sure he has luxury accomodations!
And mine will be here Friday! Do we know who has Zyans babies? I remember there was a whole group of us a few years ago who all got babies from a supplier in Ca. Some of those babies, Ink I think was one of them, lasted over a year in our tanks! It was awesome comparing and keeping up with all the different experiences and personalities of the related babies!
I'm a little worried. This morning I confirmed that both overnight crabs are still alive, which means he hasn't eaten now in three days. I hope this is just due to the lower temperature (~65).

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