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New octopus keeper.

Feb 13, 2006
I just received my first octopus a few days ago, after months of setting up my tank, and with help from my local pet store, I now have a tank up and running with a new friend. I was just wondering what you recomend doing once the octopus is new to the tank. Much like the other new octopus i've read a thread about, mine isn't coming out, he has established his cave (i'm assuming) or he's just too scared to come out whenever i'm around. Another question i'd like some assistance with is how to keep your octopus entertained, i've heard the bottle with cork deal, ping-pong balls, but any other ideas? Also I believe mine to be the 'octopus filosus' because he resembled some photos i've seen on this web-site. Please let me know if there are any physical characteristics I should look for when identifying the species.
:welcome: Give your new little guy some time. They need to feel secure in their new home before they start venturing out. Any sign that he has eaten? My one octopus, Ink loved the large mega blocks. I pass right by Glen Burnie on my way to the Baltimore Aquarium. Would love to check out the shop sometime you purchased him from. One of the things I have always done even with a new octopus, is before I put food in, I tap lightly on the glass. I had one that would come out everytime I tapped and play a game of chasing my fingers across the tank.

Good luck with him!

Absolutely, i'm trying to be as patient as possible, haha. I put in a crayfish the second night right before i went to sleep, when i had woken up it seems that he had split the cray in two and taken whatever meat he had wanted. on the 4th night I put another crayfish in (at reccomendation of the store at which i purchased him [house of tropicals]) and he didn't touch the thing for the night, then the following day. At fear of the decaying animals ability to ruine my water quality, i removed the uneaten crayfish. Should I just put toys into the water to let him play with them?
Hi Alex and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

It's not surprising that your octopus is hiding after just arriving. Just make sure that it's eating. Crabs and shrimp and the best for him - you can try frozen thawed shrimp and live crabs. You don't say how large your octopus is.

The best way to get an ID is to post photos with a description of the size, length of arms, any markings, etc. There is an ID forum under Ceph Science (see Forum Index on the left side of the home page).

As for toys, it depends on the taste of the individual octopus. We've had success with large lego blocks, shells, simple plastic baby toys (like plastic rings - no metal), little plastic containers they can easily open - I believe a long time ago we had a discussion on ping pong balls and decided they weren't safe for an octopus. Have a look under the Journal and Photos forum for Joefish's Kashmir. He has a number of photos of Kashmir playing with toys.

What is your octo's name? I'd like to add him to the List of Our Octopuses (at the top of Journals and Photos).


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