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New Octo!!!


Sep 30, 2003
I was currently involved with searching for a cuttle but i came across a cute little octo at an lfs tonight, not only was he cute it was about to become a victim of ignorance, the store was selling a 6g eclipse tank 3 rocks and sand with this octo ( which appears to be a bimac) as an octopus kit, i asked if i could purchase just the octo and i brought it home and placed it in my 55g tank
its almost 6 inches from arm tip to arm tip, havent got a name yet
ill post a pic as soon as i get a good one
Congratulations and thanks for saving the little octopus.

I wonder whether he's from octopets, too.

We'll have a place in our octo family for everyone.

Lets hope the octo is a greatfull one, Bimac? wow nice find, did you manage to see the blue spots? A 6g might have been ok for a short while but the octo would outgrow it in a week (or two).
here is a picture of the little guy, he seems healthy just shy, im sure hell need a little while to get comfortable with his new enviorment
Congrats on your octo, RC!!

rc said:
not only was he cute it was about to become a victim of ignorance,
Most octos are, mine was in a 15 gallon with 5-6 seahorses before I gave him a slightly better home. Thanks for saving the little guy. :wink:
i did not use a macro, probably why its blurry, also i had to use the camera's feature to lighten the picture b/c the corner hes in is actually kind of a shadow, and not to mention my camera is one of the earlier models of digitals to come out (time for a new one).

i would consider a 15g tank reasonable for as a temp home for an octo this small, but 6? and they werent selling it as a temp home they led people to believe this was an adequate home long term :bugout:

once upon a time i would have thought this was true and i think i might have had an octo in a 6g tank but i never claimed to be an expert either, its mostely because of this site that i have been able to acumulate a wealth of info on one of my all time favorite creatures, now not only can i keep one alive, i can actually try to make it happy and comfortable as well
so far so good, hes more active now, before he would stay pretty much in the same corner now he likes to wander all over the place, i am going to try to hand feed him some shrimp later today to see how he reacts :biggrin2:

he hides all night and is out pretty much all day which further leads me to believe he is a bimac
Hi rc,

That's a nice looking little octo you have there,and it's a fine thing you did rescuing it.

Does it have false eyespots? If so, try to get a pic showing them. If it's a bimac, it should have an unbroken chain, like Ollie did (pic attached).

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