new octo ( henry )

big fish

Jan 31, 2008
heres some pics of my octo henry. anyone know what kind he is ?


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:welcome: Henry! He looks like a bimac to me (Octopus bimaculatus or Octopus bimaculoides, they're very hard to tell apart).

Where did he come from? How big is he? He looks pretty big in the first two pictures, but with the straw he looks like he's not full grown.
:welcome:to Henry! He looks like one I had a little different than the tank raised bimacs we all got but one who I called G2. His eye spot is very different from the California Bimacs.
i got him in florida...they said its an atlantic octopus. whatever that means. not too sure how big he is. id say maybe 3 inch mantle and 5 inch arms. just a guess
hummelincki would certainly make more sense if he's from the Atlantic... I guess now that I look at the spots again, they do have more of a yellow-around-blue look to them, rather than the ring-of-blue-chain like bimacs... but the texture and coloration looks rather bimac-ish to me...
My immediate thought was O. hummelincki (filosus) but I have not had a bimac. Check my thread on Octane

[Octopus]: - Octane - O. Hummelincki (filosus) (first and second pages) to see if you agree.

Octane is from either the Gulf or Atlantic (I need to ask but keep forgetting) and obtained from a diver/collector I know so there is no doubt about her origination. She shows color and texture change constantly and, in spite of being full grown, has been a wonderful pet for the week we have had her.
well henry ate my starfish. ;-(
they were in therfe together for about a week. not sure why he just now decided to eat him. oh well
If he did eat it then possibly he is not getting enough food (hermits, snails, crabs, shrimp). the Eyespot and patternings look different than my O. Hummelincki had; and more resemble the photos I have seen of a Bimac. I have not kept a Bimac either, so I do not know from first hand experience.
Could you give more detail on the starfish consumption. I keep two stars and a serpent with Octane and would not want to lose them if this behavior is common to the Caribbean Two Spot (O. hummelincki - filosus) but don't want to remove them if some other explanation is viable. What kind of star did you have, are you sure it was alive when eaten, did you see Henry take it into his webbing or did it just disappear/die? As Nancy pointed out, no one else has reported stars being consumed so I am hoping there might be another answer.
ok this had to be the weirdest thing i ever have seen. i got home from a super bowl party. the star fish was gone. im am 100 % sure it was not in the tank. it was a chocolate chip star fish. about an hour after i got home i saw henry look like he does when he spit out a shrimp shell. next thing i knew the star fish popped out folded in half. im pretty sure it wasnt in his webbing because i saw henry moving around the tank and i could see his under side. anyways i found the star fish. couldnt save him though. oh well.
i took a video of henry about to eat a shrimp. he missed the first try then my battery died on my camera right when he grabbed the shrimp by the tail . ill upload the video if someone tells me how.

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