New Octo for me too.


O. vulgaris
Dec 22, 2004
I was a little hesitant about admitting this, but I got another octopus from Tom's Caribbean Tropicals. When I first started looking for an octo, he was the one that hooked me up with my Pygmy, Jebidiah.

I told him at the time that I really was looking for a briareus and would definately buy his next one.

Well.... Tom got ahold of me a couple of weeks ago... I converted one of my reef tanks into an octopus tank (it had been established for a little over a year and thriving)... and BAM!!! I've got myself a briareus.

The reason I feel bad is because I passed on octopets' bimacs. Afterward I was quite depressed. My loving girfriend convinced me to convert the reef into an octo home. I do have some lovely seahorses from octopets that are thriving, and I couldn't be more happy with the company (Octopets.)

Anyway... the new octo is amazing!!! He is bold and curious. Very outgoing. He tries to touch Allison and myself through the glass and seems to enjoy playing hide and seek.

I would have expected him sleep all day, but if he sees us he will come out and play anytime after about 4 pm. I just got off the phone with my very excited girlfriend. She said he was chasing her hand all over the tank and flashing wonderful color pattterns. He has only been in our tank for 7 days!!!

We have named him The Return of Jebidiah, and I couldn't be more pleased with him. I never would have expected the amount of interaction that we have experienced with him so shortly after aquiring him.
Most Cool !!! Can hardly wait to see some pics of the critter...amazing !

Welcome to your briareus!

I understand your feelings about passing up an Octopet's bimac, but briareus is another species to appreciate and learn about. Unfortunately they stay with us far too short a time, so you'll be able to get a bimac the next time around.

i wish my octo was as active as urs. how big is he and how much did u pay. i have had mine for 14 days. there are 3 damsels in there with him now. i took out a clown and 1 damsel today maybe that will help him be more active. let me know if im doin somehtin wrong

Greg, please remove all the damsels. They can stress, even harm your new octo. Make his tank a place where he feels safe and comfortable.

3000gtman said:
i wish my octo was as active as urs. how big is he and how much did u pay. i have had mine for 14 days. there are 3 damsels in there with him now. i took out a clown and 1 damsel today maybe that will help him be more active. let me know if im doin somehtin wrong


Damsels= negative octopus energy !!!!!

What Nancy said, times 10 !!!

" Out, out, damn'd damsel...wretched fish that haunts my sleep !"

Seriously, those have to go...
they leave him alone if anything he is picking on them. i had a 5 inch clown in there with him and they were fine together. so dont worry about them picking on him. he is big enough to kill them and since he came from the ocean he will be fine. im still gonna try to get the damsels out but not for a day or 2

let me know
thanx greg
Way to ignore advice from experienced ceph keepers, 3000gtman! Take that Nancy and Greg.

On a lighter side, Jebidian is spectacular!!! He ate a frozen shrimp last night in the most intense manner! I droped the morsel in, and two octo legs shot out almost instantaneously through a tiny (8-9 mm) hole in a chunk of live rock to ensnare the tasty treat. Within seconds the entire octopus had emerged from this nearly nonexistant crevice to engulf the shrimp. Jebidiah flashed intense colors and patterns, as he wrapped around his meal. He reached out one leg to the glass aquarium side to touch where my hand rested on the side of the aquarium before carrying his dimnner to his lair.

Today Jebidiah showed off for my girlfriend and myself for about 40 minutes in the middle of the day (lights on.) I rewarded this behavior with a live fiddler crab, and you would have thought that Jebidiah was in ceph heaven. I really can't get over how bold this guy is and how he ENGULFS his prey. I think he was getting bored with the 150 or so blue-legged hermits and the various snail in his tank.
With all of this behaviour ( i am green with envy ) there any chance of video ???? This sounds like a perfect octopus !!!!

my octo was veyr active last night. even with the 3 damsels in there. it is a 150 gallon tank. and im not ignoring the advice im just saying the clown that was in there didnt do anything to the octo at all. but last night he was crawling around on the glass and eacting hermits out in the middle of the tank. so i know the damsels r not a major deal but i do need to get them out. its just tuff to get the little bastards.

but let me know what you think
sorry but i could not catch my damsel
too much room in the tank
so i left him figureing that soon Megas would just kill him
but no such luck
Megas chases him around the tank and messes with his mind but has never seemed bothered by him
well when Megas is eating he shooos the damsel away with an arm or two.
Dont know but I had to leave the Fish in there and it seemed ok.
Damsels can get rather mean. I've been bitten by mine. Just wait until they get used to the octo a little more--then they'll go right for his eyes.
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