new lead on fiddlers....

Oct 9, 2006
griffin- about how far away from vacaville is bodega bay? I go to school in Davis and plan to have an octopus when I move back up. Is it very far? glad to hear theres a local source. Have you ever been to the bodega marine lab?
Jan 3, 2007
Lets see... Bodega Bay is about 84 miles from Vacaville. Last trip took about 1.5 hours (taking my time) to get there.
I have not been to the marine lab, however if this crab thing works out I will definetely check out the local scene.
I wont be able to really get things going until after my daughters H.S. graduation (June 9) but I will need to make a quick trip before then because I am just about out myself.
That being said...anybody in the Sacramento/Bay Area that needs shore crabs can send me a PM and I'm sure we can work something out.
The ones I collected on my last trip have worked out very well, they tolerate the warmer water of my support tank and eat fresh/frozen shrimp readily.


Blue Ring
Apr 25, 2007
I would be very interested as well. Especially if you would do 2nd or 3rd day air. As stated before, It would all be about the shipping costs. right now I am getting fiddlers for 40-50 cents each.