new hex pictures

Feb 24, 2005
well i really cant call hex hex anymore... the 2 missing arms are almost fully regenerated and i believe hex is a male due to the fact that the 3rd arm to the right has a blunt tip not due to injury and the last couple mm doesnt have any suckers. anyway heres the pics


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I definitely think that Hex has been my favourite octopus to follow through TONMO. He's displayed some really beautiful colours and patterns. Love the pics!

Yes it is a vulgaris for sure. But, in USA, do you have this sp. in your coasts? What sp there exist inside of the genus Octopus in your country?(bimaculatus, bimaculoides and any think else?) Here in spain coast, there only exist vulgaris inside of Octopus genus.

O. vulgaris can be found south of Nova Scotia, Canada (though probably not very common), through the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Also on the Pacific coast in the Sea of Cortez and off Baja, California.
Here and click on one of the mappers above.

Others in Octopus include briareus, burryi, californicus, defilippi, filosus, joubini, and macropus. (From Cephbase's Biogeography search under USA's Economic Exclusive zone.)

Great pictures and I'll agree main_board and say "Hex" has some wonderful coloration.

One question; do you keep a cover over the top of your tank? It didn't look like it from the pictures
yeah i do its a 125 with the 3 sections in the top so ive got 1 solid piece of acrylic over the left side and two glass lids over the other holes that way i can still feed and all easily

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