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Aug 20, 2003
Hello all,

I've just recently - some 2 weeks now - discovered this site and realised I'm not the only person that seems crazy enough to want an octo as a pet ! :notworth:

I've always been interested by these animals - ever since I saw them in documentaries on e.g. National Geographic during my childhood - and by their rather stunning mental capabilities.
Having owned a parrot I know animal intelligence can be really intreguing but from what I've read so far it seems I'll have plenty of fun hours just observing my octo as it hunts it's food etc... :D
Not to mention it's display of camouflage techniques and the character the little Chtulhu will probably have, judging by your stories...
Unfortunately, I've had a rough time looking for octopusses around here (Belgium) so far... most people don't realise why a person would want an octo as a pet, and well... I've had some people in pet stores laugh at me over the phone when asking the question or be plain rude to me.
One guy even went on to check 4-5 times if I really wanted a _living_ octo
:?: :?:
"No, of course not. I like to put dead stuff in a huge tank, it creates a cozy atmosphere in the room and it's interesting to observe the sinking & decaying patterns. :x " was my reply at that point.
I mean, cut me some slack... they're selling rats to people, as pets, no questions asked but a man asks for an octo and that's freaky or?? :bugout:
Oh well, the more negative replies I get from ignorant people :P (sorry but I'm quite disheartened by this whole "searching for.." thingie :( ) the more envy I have to persevere and to get my octo!!
Even considering having it shipped to me from the UK, as after my octo will need to get shipped to the store as well ( I found one store where they could *possibly* help me but the store owner is never in when I pass by after work and his assistants/sons/student employees/? cannot give me the right info :( )

Anyways, you all make me jealous here with your nice pics, stories and movies, but I hope that 2-3 months from now I'll be able to share some of my own octo stories with you ;)

And I'm afraid I'll have plenty of questions for you all 'cause it will be the first aquarium I set up - ever. :)

I'm 21 & other passions include IT & the internet ( been online ever since age 12, started with pc's age 7...) :) & motorcycles.
I own a blue 2003 Yamaha YZF-R1, which is a supersports motorcycle ( I believe the proper US slang would be erhmm "crotch rocket" lol ) and you don't even want to get me started about pc's, internet, networking, security etc or you'll have to come and disconnect me to get me to stop typing ;-) ;-)



P.S. if you'd mail me you will meet with my anti-spam measures on my own mailserver. I bounce back _all_ messages from "unverified" addresses, as not to be spammed.
In this bounce message it will indicate that you just need to reply to it or send an empty mail to a particular one-time-usage address the software automagically creates and your address will be added to the "white list",i.e. you'll from then on no longer be bugged with bounces and can mail me without a problem :)
P.P.S : I have a bad tendency to write semi-novels when explaining something, sorry !! ;-)
I mean, cut me some slack... they're selling rats to people, as pets

I had a pet rat! So I have no problems with that :D :D

But I also have no problems with pet octi's, cuttles, squid, nautiloids, ammonites (wouldn't THAT be cool!) etc soooooooo most people think I'm kinda weird anyway!

Perservere you'll get there in the end!!

Jean said:
I had a pet rat! So I have no problems with that :D :D

Neither do I !!
But I admit I see more fun in keeping an octo than a rat :D

Thanks all BTW for your recomforting words - I'll definately keep you posted on my progress!


Rockthis11 said:
Welcome to TONMO :welcome: . Lol dont worry about that pet store guy your not the only one that has had to deal with ignorant people :) .

thx Rockthis!

BTW, didn't you just start with your own tank ?
I hope everything's going well ! ;)
We forget sometimes how lucky we are here in the states, where everyone is soooo insane, that wanting a pet octopus doesn't even warrant a second glance! :D
Welcome to Tonmo...I am sure some of our European members might be able to help you out with your quest for the elusive octopus!
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