[New Feature]: Personal Avatars


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May 30, 2000
TONMO.com now supports the uploading of personal avatars.

The "avatar" is the image that appears next to every message you post on this board, and it's the image that greets you on the TONMO.com homepage when you're logged in.

You can now go to your profile (see link in the box in the upper right corner) and choose to upload your own avatar if you like. You still have the option to select one from the existing gallery if you prefer.

Any file you upload must be no more than 8k in size, and must be no larger than 125 width x 125 height.

Coming soon will be the ability to include file attachments to messages you post on the board. So, you'll be able to submit pictures of your tank, pet, etc., without having to wait for me to post it in an update to the main site. Cool! 8) Power to the people!

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