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May 30, 2000
[2014 edit: this post was from 2008. Our software has since evolved, and it is now a "Like" feature]

Ever see a useful post, and have a desire to express your appreciation without necessarily posting a reply? Now you can, with the Thanks button:

[img missing / no longer relevant]

When you're logged in, you'll see this button in the lower-right hand corner of every post on the forum. If you'd like to express your thanks, just click the button and the post will be tagged with your thanks, which displays an indication that the thanks came from you, along with a timestamp. You're of course welcome to post a reply as well.

You cannot thank your own posts. Expressing thanks gives the person who received a thanks an additional 5 points to their Reputation score (Reputation being a feature which is still in evolution).

You can search for Thanked posts, and each profile provides links to all posts that a user thanked.

Hope you find this useful!
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What an excellent idea! Great addition Tony. Sometimes one just feels silly writing 'excellent post' as a reply, this certainly covers that very nicely.
Well, due to some confusion and seemingly limited returns, we of the staff have decided to remove the Thanks feature. We figure we're all pretty good at saying "thank you", and don't need a button to do it!

So it's now gone, thankyouverymuch. :wink:
I'd like to thank the people who sacked the idea that started the thanks idea.

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