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New cuttles on the way, any advice

Rushi-can you tell me what your parameters are? Including temp and salinity?? Really sorry to hear all that.

I need cuttle-I think it would really depend on the size of the tank and how much and complex your liverock is. I would wait until at least an inch, but if they are too small or you have too much cavernous live rock, you will have a daily heart attack trying to account for all the cuttles.
Yeah parameters are tep of 78, sal 025, amm 0, copper0, nitrite, 0, nitrate 5ppm, alk average, calc 350, PH 8.2 and that is the extent of my test kits. But the tank was cycled for 6 months prior to the cuttles and I did a 50% water change just before adding them (1 week prior).

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