new chewy pics


Apr 26, 2005
the 1st came out good he posed a lil bit the sec i got when he was moving got the pics as he was taking out his crab trash


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octopus=triggerfish food

I am hoping that was something else????

cool pics, though !
the trigger & the damsel have been in there since i have had the tank i have tried to capture them but its a big tank and there quick i have never had a problem with the octo and the fish when the octo comes out the fish hide or stay out of his way
they might not eat your corals but they will eat ANY inverts in the tank including hermits,shrimp, and octos. their teeth are designed to tear limbs off of crabs and slice through soft flesh of other fishes... trust me ive seen them in action eating everything! he will eventually start eating the legs of your octo slowly but surely
my niger trigger can eat damsels in two bites.......its no vegatarian !

clownfish said:
the trigger he has is a vegatarian one of the only triggers that can be kept in a reef
as for the damsel I would recomend getting rid of it
triggers are no vegans trust me... ive had them actually come up and bite my finger while i was trying to get a lobster off the end of my spear in the bahamas...

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