[Cuttlefish]: New Baby Cuttlefish

Aug 1, 2007
:baby: yesterday i walked into a new pet shop in my town to get food for my 15 birds and saw that there were two just hatched cuttlefish, i'm positive that it's sepia bandensis . i askede them what their plan for them was and they said they were going to feed it LIVE BRINE. also while i was there i saw them do a top off with TAP WATER which made me :mad:
when i got home i talked to my parents about saving them and they were hesitant at first but i talked them into it. so today i went to go get them because i had a tank that had been cycled for a while, but when i got there i was told that one had passed so i snagged the live one and acclimated him/her for about 3 1/2 hrs. he/she has been in the tank for a few hours and seems to be doing well. i ordered a bunch of live mysids and amphipods for him and am praying he survives. he is swimming around the net breeder and is changing colors so rapidly it almost gives me a headache. Sometimes it's so hard to find him when he's camouflaged against the live rock. i 've never raised a cuttle from a baby so i need some pointers. i'm trying to juggle highschool, my birds babies, my pseudochromis' larvae and now the cuttlefish. Wish me luck

Hope to have pictures soon if he makes it
Sep 8, 2006

I used to rescue herps when I worked at the animal shelter. One of them apparently had a bad mite problem and all 3 of my ball pythons ended up with a crazy snake disease from it, had neurological side effects, made them twist their heads around backwards. Ended up drowning themselves trying to drink. Then my 8 foot boa got its face eaten off by a rat.