Nephrite Jade Octopus - Stolen in 2001


Jan 12, 2003
Dear TONMO readers,

A friend of mine, one of the world's leading artistic jade carvers, created a large octopus out of BC nephrite jade several years ago. Though it was stolen almost two years ago, seems like the right place to publicize the sculpture so that it is recognized if it ever makes its way out of the black market in the future. In a better world, this lady might have been prevailed upon to do additional cephalopod sculptures that would have thrilled TONMO fans but the loss of this artwork has upset her deeply ...

James McC. has the original information.
Larger size photo at

As Posted on
‘Octopus’, by Deborah Wilson

This piece was stolen from a gallery in Vancouver in July 24th, 2001, during business hours.
“The material is Canadian Jade (Nephrite Jade), the dimensions are 6" x 10" x 21"; the weight, 60lbs. All my pieces are numbered, this one was #500, and signed D.A.W. as I have always done . The retail for the Octopus was $24,000.00 CDN, approximately $15,350.00 (depending on the exchange rate)”
Will keep eyes peeled.

That is a fantastic piece and from talking to jade artists here I know how hard that stuff is to work.

That it's been pinched just makes me :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

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