Neil and Clyde...

erich orser

TONMO Supporter
Nov 29, 2004
Just returned from Santa Barbara where Ms. Diggins and me attended the Clyde Roper lecture. You simply MUST make it up there to see the Architeuthis model - amazing - and on display beneath it is a preserved Moroteuthis Robusta! Dr. Eric Hochberg was also in attendance (obviously, it's his museum) as well as Mike DeGry (is that his last name?) of Incredible Suckers fame. Clyde Roper is a heckuva lot of fun to hear speak; his various anecdotes tended to be both informative AND hilarious. Rebecca was rather depressed that she couldn't attend, but if she'd played hooky from work she knows she would have blurted-out something about how much fun the lecture was and gotten in trouble. The museum also has a blue whale skeleton in front, and a few pygmy mammoth skeletons on display inside. Unfortunately for you, Greg, Ms. Diggins did agree with Steve that "I Am, I Said" by Mr. Diamond is, in fact, a masterpiece, so I'm afraid she's now slipped a bit in your estimation.

Clyde was resplendent in a bitchen hand-painted silk Architeuthis tie. :squidaut:
Cthulhu77 insisted I post this so everybody could see it. Hey, Greg's a brilliant guy. Have to follow his advice.


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