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Nautilus Information


Sepia elegans
Staff member
Feb 1, 2007
Hello All,

I have some questions for anyone on this list who has a nautilus, either in a home aquarium or at a public aquarium or research institute.

I am researching the current methods used in maintaining nautilus in captivity. I am trying to find out a few questions.

What do you feed your nautilus?
How much do you feed your nautilus (g)?
How often do you feed your nautilus?
What temperature do you keep your nautilus at?
How many nautilus are housed in the enclosure?
How many gallons is the tank?
What kind of filtration do you have?

If you are willing to lend your information to this study I would greatly appreciate it. If you have any other questions or would prefer to forward this to me personnally, my email address is [email protected]



Jul 27, 2009
you can feed them shrimp or silversides my seem to like them dead not alive. i fed mine twice a day once in the day and once in the night. keep in low to no lighting at all. if u have somewere dark and cool put the aquarium there i kept mine in a 50 gal but a slitly bigger tank is in order hope this helped


Mar 20, 2009
The nautilus I worked with did not fare well, they started dying one by one over the months and never grew. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to change the husbandry practices as they weren't mine, but I'll let you know how we kept them.

Fed them shrimp tails once a day (normal 2-3 inch grocery store kind)
temperature was 60s F
started out with 5 or 6 animals
200 gallons???? about...
sand filter with regular water changes.
Nov 7, 2009
Try to keep the room temperature low, and with limited light conditions. Don't need to feed him regularly, it is a deep sea bed scavenger (seldom finds a meal). Appart from shrimp you may give him crabs of dry fish (as i said its a scavenger, it eats anything it finds). If the nautilus is small, it may need 120 litres. If its grown up it should have at least 500l. (im sorry im european i dont manage gallons :smile: It may appreciate a sandy or rocky bed. Keep relatively high the Ca++ ions when its growing (it needs to build up his shell). I wouldnt reccomend company: if its something else, the nautilus will eat it; if its another nautilus.. rivalry has been observed in some aquariums. Try skimmer filtration. Dont worry for oxygen levels, they are used to low concentrations, but keep an eye on the nitrates.