My Visit and Tour of OctoPets


Pygmy Octopus
May 29, 2005
Hi kaotik,
Jim does sell pods and clams which his baby bimacs are raised on but you should feed them a varied diet when they get larger. I go to my local beach and collect hermit crabs, sand crabs and snails to feed my O. vulgaris and tiny crabs for my newly hatched bimac. I've also tried feeding my baby bimac pods from the beach but they move to quickly and baby bimac seems to enjoy the small crabs anyways. If you live close to a beach I suggest trying to catch live food and storing them in a separate tank. Also will also sell you mysis shrimp which is very nutritous for cephalopods, most research institutions use mysis to rear their cephs. I've also read that some people who don't have access to a beach slowly introducing frozen foods when their octopus gets larger. Good luck, be patient and every day you learn something new about the hobby!


Mar 19, 2005
kaotik said:
i live in SoCal and was also planning on taking a trip down to octopets when my tank is established and ready. Question: does octopets actually sell octo food or did he just give you a few "for the road"? I am trying to locate a local place to get live food for a bimac.

Yes, as far as I know they sell baby clams for octos and saltwater guppies for cuttlefish.