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my setup for breeding mysid shrimp


Jul 15, 2018
i'm planing on raising some cuttle hatchlings so i'm going to start a mysid culture to hopefuly breed all the mysids i need to feed the babbies.
useing info i got here http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2003/9/breeder i have made an acrylic devider/babbie seperator to install inside a 40g breeder tank, it uses 2 lift tubes from an under gravel filter wich are coverd on the end with 1000 micron screen to keep out the adult mysids and gently suck up the babbies and deposit them on the other side of the devider, the other half of the devider is 475 micron screen that should keep the babbie mysids in and alow the brine shrimp nauplii (food) to circulate through the tank.
i will use live sand and some liverock taken from my reeftanks to aid in filtration along with a small internal hang on filter with the intake screened off with the 475 micron screen, i'd like to plumb the mysid tank right into the sump with one of my reef tanks but i'm not shure if the reef peramiters would be ideal for raising mysids
i'm thinking of deviding the tank 3/4 for the adults and 1/4 for the babbies and posibly suspending a peice of eggcrate or drilled acrylic on some pvc legs in the adult side to create a kind of second floor to create more surface area.
any advice,opinions,?
i could realy use some input on ideal peramiters for the mysids, would they do well with reef peramiters or should i keep the system seperate?

so its July 2018... any YouTube videos on your farm? updates please?
I would like to safe-keep and document your full experience and all your findings results. for my isolated eco-systems program.

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