My Recent Octo Encounter

Dec 24, 2002
Heya Everyone,

Just wanted to share an Enteroctopus pic with you all! I took this one at the Humboldt State University Fred J. Telonicher Marine Lab... The resident invert zoo instructor declined my invitation to join TONMO. :roll: The octo was asleep, and I didn't flash his eyes, so all is cool.

Sushi and Sake,

corw314 said:
Cool photo!!!

Was he eating? Wonder what the red things were hanging down?


You know, I think they were the tips of its arms... The display in the tank was very basic, and from their position and movement, I would swear that they were the tips. Weird though... Maybe I haven't seen enough octos in my lifetime...

Then again, have any of us? :heee:

Sushi and Sake,

Er... Well, I have no idea if O. bimaculoides is the choice in Japanese cooking. If you want, I have a book on the history and principles of Japanese cooking, and I can answer your question sometime in a few weeks when I return home from Texas.

I do know that Japanese cooking uses several species of cuttle, octo, and squid. Tako-yaki, or fried Octo "balls" are probably giant pacific.

Sushi and Sake,

i was reading something on the dr. wood's site3 and saw that japanese workers are some of the few to raise vulgaris from egg on, which would suggest a definite interest in the animal... and given that its a known dish, its a possibility...although the gpo is a definite candidate...why collect 50+ vulgaris when you have a dolfleini....
Eating a GPO? Ack!!! NO!

Well, since I have fallen in love with the GPO, thought I would post one of my favorite pics. This one was taken at a depth of 100 feet outside Seattle. Her name is Olive. We watched her on her eggs for almost 10 months! My wife and I cried when she died. :frown:

Let me know if anyone wants to see more, or visit my website (currently in the middle of a redesign - sorry!) at

Would defintiely love to see more pics of Olive! I remember the story Dr. Roland Anderson pointed me to when she died.

You should add your Website to our Ceph Web Directory under the Diving category, and I'll approve it! :thumbsup:
WhiteKiboko said:
why collect 50+ vulgaris when you have a dolfleini....

i was reading in a book about japanese cuisine i bought a couple days ago and it said:

"There are over ten types of octopus caught all over the world, from idako (baby octopus), which are less that 10cm/4in., to ones over 3m/10ft. The most common octopus are in the ma-dako family."

however, i dont know how those translate :frown: , can anyone help?
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