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My octopus did the cuttlefish flashing!


Feb 9, 2008
East Haven,CT
Very suprised, I never knew octos did this. I saw him flashing extreme changes from dark to light brown, just like cuttlefish do the "passing cloud" look, and upon further investigation I noticed the peppermint shrimp a few inches away! (Poor guy has survived for 3 weeks in there, but every time I got to get him he moves away into rocks...he suprisngly must have been in the LR for sometime as a baby). He didnt catch the feisty little shrimp, but this was the first time I ever noticed this behavior, Im keeping my camcorder close by in case this happnes again.
I just noted this same event on Octane's journal and hoped it was not a bad sign ;>) I had seen it before but not in awhile and 'Tane had not eaten in two days. Now I think he may have been trying to get my attention or had designs on the live shrimp that he had ignored for the last week. He ate well last night (dead shrimp) and this AM the live shrimp was nothing but shell. I doubled his weekly water change a day early and tonight he seems back to normal.

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