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My new tank.....


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
A friend from work, followed me home today with a 55 gal tank. After he left, I measured the tank. It measured 18 x 48 x 21. I googled tank measurements......It's not a 55.....It's a 75 and I'm thrilled to death! Gave me a metal stand also, which is my next project to sand down and repaint. I need suggestions....what is the best substrate for the bottom? All my existing tanks have crushed coral. I have 3 tanks with no creatures in it with enough crushed coral and decorations to set this tank up immediately and they are seasoned and ripe for an octopus but do I want to do crushed coral again or go with something different? All I need is a hood and possibly another filter of some type as I have a large enough protein skimmer and a large Eheim that used to run my 47 pentagon. I'm so excited....won't be long now!:smile:
If you want to try a different substrate, you can always put your live stuff on the bottom and mix the two, I have corresponded with a lot of aquarists who prefer substrate with mixed sizes. I think I mentioned that I don't like the larger shell sized coral because it collects debris and grows algae but that it did much better when covered with the argonite sand.

I am glad to hear that you will be removing the 47 from further leak potential! My latest disaster made me think of your first one even though mine was not tank related.

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