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My New Tank!! (+Pics) and a dust problem! Help!!


Jul 15, 2007
So, I'm finally all set up and running. Currently cycling the live rock directly in the tank. I bought some nice pieces... If you look at the close up shot, you'll see that the middle rock is actually a den!! I found just the right piece ~ its actually bowl shaped, very spacious, and provides another exit out the back, I think it's perfect for an octopus!!




Now... my dust problem (see pics below). I rinsed the sand very well, so I know it's not sand dust... also because there was bits floating around before I even added anything. I thought the water would have settled or filtered by now. I'm thinking that it might be either dust from having the tank sitting on the LFS shelf or acrylic dust when I had drilled my external overflow. I thought I had done a pretty nice job of rinsing out the tank, but its hard in a onebedroom apartment.



Any advice on how to fix this? I tried siphoning some water through a sock filter and returned the water... The tank has only been running for two days now. The exposure makes the bits look like worms... but they are really fine particles. Smaller than microbubbles even and swirl in every direction in the tank.
Nice tank! Give it time to settle. All new tanks have a cloudiness at first which settles in a few days or so no matter how well you rinse which has been my experience anyway.
I know, but it's the particles swirling around in the current. They are so fine that the exposure on my digital camera can't capture them fast enough. I have part of my sump filtering through a sock filter, let's see if that does anything. I have no idea what it is since its been like that since I filled the new take with fresh saltwater... fine white particles. Maybe dust from the new pump? Manufacturing of the tank or sump? I've tanken special care to prevent scratching of the acrylic.
Try turning off everything for 15-20 minutes. If it clears up, what you are seeing is likely to be tiny air bubbles and you will have to find the source and fix the problem before adding an octopus.

Also note that your octopus may not think his perfect den is ideal:hmm:. My guess is he will chose something smaller (if I am guestimating right on the size). You may want to add some giant barnicles (they are clustered and come in a variety of sizes) to start and let him grow into his intended house.
I cleaned the dust and particulate matter out of my new tank by putting filter socks over the ends of the returns.
If that is not an option, you can also use a power head for the same thing. It just takes longer.
Hope this helps, and BEAUTIFULL tank!!!
I'll give that a shot. I have a filter sock on the return from the refugium into the sump/return pump (because there really isn't anything in the refugium right now as the entire tank cycles). So I'll add some filter socks to the returns in the main tank too.

Also, does it look like I have enough live rock? I was thinking about maybe adding 1 or 2 more pieces...

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