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my new little guy is here!


Jan 19, 2004
as some may remember, my last octo passed away several months ago due to problems with the filtration.

since then the tank had been empty except for crabs, shrimp and anemones.

but now I'm happy to report that a new octo has found a nice, cosy home in my tank. he seems to agree with me, because he already ate, 2 minutes after he was put in!

still extremely nocturnal, he only comes out when the lights are out. but then he crawls about on the rocks and the front glass. apparently he is very fond of the bubbler I installed in the tank

you can find some nice pics of him and his tankmates righthere
Congratulations on the arrival of your octopus! Glad it's setting in well.

Let us know when you decide on a name for the little guy.

How big is your vulgaris - hard to tell from the photos!

mantle is around six cm, tentacles some 25 cm.

I'm still thinkin' about a name, but can't come up with anything decent.
as soon as I get some inspiration, I'll let you guys know
Lovely octo, dragonfish! The anemones are great too and the brittlestar is a nice feature. I'm so jealous of you owners with tanks full of invertebrates. :mrgreen:

How about another poll for a name? Top stuff!


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