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My build thread for S. Bandesis a newbie's journey....

Nov 29, 2007
Hello again. I haven't posted in quite some time, but I have been struggling with my decision of which ceph I was going to try. I had my eyes on a 100g for a briarieus tank, but the GF shot that down and the desire to keep a ceph died for awhile. A fellow reefer from my "home" site, www.maast.org, resurected my love for the headfoot. I ended up settling with a 24x24x18 cube for Sepia Brandesis. It's right around 50 gallons. I plan on keeping a pair, hopefully one that will breed.

Here's my proposed equipment list:
1.)24x24x18h tank drilled with two holes for a calfo overflow.
2.)CPR Bak Pak, will be modding this with an airstone
3.)24" Maristar 1 x 150w 10k HQI MH + 2x 24w T5 Actinic (I will be keeping some corals, not any stinging ones though!!!)
4.) Sump, undecided as of yet, need to get the stand in my hands so I can start the work on it.

The live rock is already live and will be coming from my 75g reeftank. It is mostly man made, well about 150 lbs of it is. I have a set that makes a killer pillar which is what will reside in the display.

I would also like to keep a clam in this tank, any objections to clams with cuttles?

Also, whomever has the daisy hill cuttle farm, I really like your setups for rearing! The seperators are super nice! Do you happen to have any cuttles that are eating frozen and is it even possible to sex them?

I really need ideas for sand color. The rock I have is not yet purple, and the tank's background is going to be limo tint.

Oh yeah, I will have a three sided canopy, basically just three fascia boards, the back and top will be open to allow for maximum cooling.

I plan on posting alot of pictures! Any criticisms or suggestions are welcome as long as they are warranted :smile:
Nov 29, 2007
fishkid6692;114053 said:
i wouldn't go with the bright MH's. cephs don't like that bright light.

Yeah this has been my interpersonal topic of debate. :bugout:
I will have to see how crafty I can get with my rockwork. I may be drilling some rocks and breaking some hangars, but I think I can accomplish that feat.

I found a steady supplier of shore shrimp, 1000 for $65 and it's local to San Antonio, so I am pleased! That was the part I needed to make sure that I had covered as I want to ensure that I have healthy cuttles!

Other than that my setup for the food is going to be pretty cool. I plan on buying a rena filstar xp2 or 3 and gutting it and filling it with HIATT media. HIATT systems are in themselves "live" and are so good at cleaning water that all of the reefers that I know have had them, had to remove them from their reeftanks. So that filter coupled with a 29 gallon, and I should be good. A friend informed me that he has the same setup, and he keeps about 2000 shore shrimp in one 29. He also told me that the HIATT works so good, he can't remember the last water change he did. :smile: Since he is VERY knowledgeable, I completely trust his judgement. Mimicry is best in any saltwater hobby! :cyclops:

If I can find a cool pot or something I may try to do a "viewable" mangrove. Meaning that I will plumb it in to my setup, and just have a nice potted plant next to me tank. That's a big maybe though.

Also, I am going to try and keep as much heat out of the tank as possible to try and slow down the metabolism of these extremely fast growing creatures!

Lastly, any ideas on a tank for the babies? I had contemplated running some plumbing to another 29 gallon under my reeftank and making it a display fuge/cuttle nursery. Any ideas there?I can have plexi work done, so feel free to help me with a plan! :yinyang:

Oh yeah, sorry if I ramble here, I am brainstorming aloud.