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My Bimac is making "EYES" at me!!


Pygmy Octopus
May 15, 2003
I've had my new Bimac, Andy (Short for Andromeda), for about 1 week. Everytime I look at her, she has a line on either side of her eyes that gets darker. The rest of her body stays the same color. Is she startled that I'm looking at her? After I've stared at her for a couple seconds, the dark lines go away. I'm just curious what they mean.
She could be a bit startled or not recognize you at first. Turning darker seems to be a sign of fear. Turning lighter seems to be a sign of recognition.

Well if lighter means recognition, then Jam knows me very well. Everytime i get close to the tank, his eyes, mantle and body have white stripes on them. then he gets really close to the glass. As soon as my hand enters the tank with food, he goes back to normal. I thought he was saying "FEED ME NOW SILLY WOMAN" so I do LOL :rainbow: :lol:
Sounds like all of your octos have you well trained!!! :lol: Don't worry, after a couple of weeks, your bimac will stop being so startled, and recognize you as the provider of shrimp!
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