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my babies

Feb 8, 2004
My octopus eggs hatched! I'm so excited, but they are extremely small. I am feeding them live phytoplankton thats a liquid right now, but i don't know how much and how often to feed them. Does anyone out there know? Do you guys know what else i should feed them. They're so small, i can barely see them!
i'm not sure that phytoplankton will help all that much as what they really need is zooplankton IE small animals...

ideally you need larvae of crabs or shrimps????

or for large egg species amphipods
You would be surprised, these swimming greedy guts will take food larger than themselves! I'd try some small copepods etc (anything herbiverous....just in case!)

How big are they? (a guestimate will do....I'm feeling generous!)



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