MTV Trashes Leatherback Turtle Nesting Beach

Vile, scumbag, idiotic, wannabe's...
death is too good for them. (the people, not the turtles)
grrrrrrrrr :mad: And I suppose they'll claim to have the properly administered permission forms for filming.......maybe they should be hit where it hurts (in the wallet) surely there must be some way to make this company pay to restore the beach and dig up the eggs before the hatchlings die a horrible death?

Oh yes, actually. Just across town. Unfortunately, it's probably too late to rescue the hatchlings, if they weren't crushed by activity on the beach. This happened months ago.
Sorry to go off on a rant here, but does this really surprise anyone from the U.S.? MTV is the biggest bunch of sellouts in the history of pop culture. They, who used to be about getting out the youth vote, youth environmentalism, and pop-activism are now about reality shows and dumbing down our society faster than it can be rebuilt. Its like the 60's hippies becoming 80's and 90's yuppies.

As someone who has worked with sea turtles, I realize the importance of maintaining their beaches. This bothers me due to the callousness. Sad, really. Especially since leatherbacks are THAT endangered.

I haven't contacted the main organization down there for an update yet, but here is their email address:

Once again, as soon as I learn any updated information (this was going on in June/July of this year), I'll post it here.

These are amazing, extremely endangered creatures, already having had some of their only remaining nesting beaches in the Indian Ocean compromised last December by the tsunami disaster.
The leatherback is the only turtle I've never seen alive. I worry I never will. Its a bit selfish of me to say so, but I would so desperatley like to see a real live one in my lifetime. Helping to rob the world of the largest species of marine turtle since Archelon is something in which only the most idiotic, selfish, and cruel would take pleasure.
Does anyone other than oversexed, drunk, clueless college students actually watch MTV anymore? I think they have truly sunk to the lowest levels of pop culture. They have become nearly completely irrelevant to pop culture and should be put out to pasture.

Sea-turtle killing morons...
Honestly, I think their college demographic fled ages ago. They're aimed squarely at an even less-discriminating crowd.
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