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[Octopus]: Mr. Ocho (O.Bimaculoides)


Blue Ring
Apr 27, 2019
Sorry for the long delay!

Mr Ocho is doing great. He is very busy and active.

Some days more than others and some days he seems to exhibit more exploratory/escape behaviors than others. This seems to be a direct correlation to hunger and leaving to find food.

He switched his den again and has now taken up the coffee mug as his residence.


Yes, we have tried the 'crab in jar'
The first time it took days (we also fed him on the side) to open. The second it only took a few hours. It seemed the second time he knew what to do as he was latching onto the jar much differently.


His size has gotten much bigger.
I should probably say 'her' and 'Mrs' Ocho, as I am pretty sure it's a female. When she goes on the glass it's pretty easy to see the size of the legs, and the third leg to the right doesnt look much different or shorter than the rest.

Last week while putting my hand in the tank, the octo darted at me. I was nervous so I pulled back. :lol::lol: I ended up letting him touch my hand. Not what I expected! When he touches me it's like fly tape getting stuck on me! Ultra sticky!

Lastly, I fed him some shrimp on a stick yesterday and he didnt want to let go of the stick. He started walking around the glass pulling it and swimming with it. Problem is the stick is too long and sticks out of the tank. I ended up reaching in and breaking it off so he can have it. He took it to his den.


Here is a good pic of of the Ocelli
Def bimaculOIDES


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