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moving tank

Feb 24, 2005
well im moving my 125 future briarieus tank into the kitchen... this means...

draining tank then lifting tank out huge stand and slide out window out front of house. then while a few people carry the tank around the entire house to the back door at the kitchen and back inside a few people will stand up the stand and carry it down the hall into the kitchen. then place the new smaller sump into stand then put main tank back on top of stand... then refill 175 gallons total from down the hall... oh yeah did i mention that first i have to crawl under my 1.5 foot tall house and drag a bunch of cinderblock to the kitchen joist and brace them?

sounds like fun huh! anyone wanna help!
well my roommate and i are getting a third roomy eventually so the aquarium room has to be emptied. i also am replacing the large 120 gallon sump with a 55 under tank sump which requires me to drain the main tank and pick it up to get it under the stand...poor thinking ahead on my part when i build the stand... go figure. so i figure that if im going to take the time to drain the tank and pick it up i may as well go ahead and move it so i dont have to do it twice and i also wont have to do it with an octo in it!

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