more pictures of kashmir

Feb 24, 2005
well heres more of kashmir


  • conv_302278.jpg
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  • conv_302279.jpg
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by the way does anyones bimac have those orange spots like he does? just wondering cause thats mines favorite color it seems like that and irridesent blue you cant see the spots very well in the first picture but usaully they are very large and pronounced
That first pic is killer !!!!
Hard to say on the shell...looks to be big enough, though.

Neat stuff,
Nice pics! I have noticed Gimpy and my other bimacs in the past with the orarnge circle coloring. Gimpy had a shell but he got in it from the side opening and used to pull shells in as his door. He has now relocated to underneath a huge rock as he's too fat for the shell!

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