more hex pics

Feb 24, 2005
well heres some of hex hiding and sitting in the den. and one of a clam feast again. today hex ate 1 2 ounce clam, 3 XL fiddler crabs and is currently chasing a 4th... :roll: has quite the appetite...


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Nice pics of hex! Must be growing a lot with all that food! How are you keeping all those fiddlers on hand?

i live in columbia sc and am from charleston which is on the coast... we have lots there. i collect them there and bring them back. ive got a 55 gal. sump on the tank and half of it consist of the overflow tube that goes into a large exposed sandbed. the overflow tube is down in the corner buried in the crushed coral under the sandbed and the sand acts as a filter. on top of the sand ive got rubble live rock to hold it in place... ive found that this little area makes a great ecosystem for up to around 50 fiddlers at a time so i just keep it perminatly stocked... the fiddlers aslo help eat all the detritus that comes down the overflow