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Mollies as octofood?


Sep 5, 2003
I remember a while back we debated about the best food source that could be grown at home. I'm not going to go through the rigors of raising shrimp, but I did think that freshwater mollies might work out. I have a 55 gallon freshwater tank that I could use as a breeder for mollies. From what I hear, they spawn quite often and the live fry grow at a fairly good pace. If I were to get 2 or 3 males with 3 females for each of them I figure I can have a ton of fry around in a short time. Then, I can use these guys to feed the 2 octos that I have. Has anyone tried this? The only questions I have are how long it takes the fry to mature and how often the mollies will breed. Let me know what you think.
Mollies are prrolific breeders, however, you must get them out of the tank or they willl be eaten by their parents. Another thing is that you must not use copper based medications when the mollies are sick or this could pass on to the octo and prove fatal.

Generally octo's prefer crustaceans but will eat fish if given the chance. You cannot feed mollies alone so give it a varied diet. :smile:
Hi Mike

mollies breed every 20 odd days and it takes about 4 months to get them to a decent size, but as Joel says... not a perfect food source
Well, I planned on having a varied diet of live shrimp, live mollies, crabs, crawfish, and frozen stuff too. I just though it would be cool to have the other tank in my place supply my octos with fod occasionally. I've also though of getting some cichlids that breed often for the same purpose. They might be harder to catch though.
um, breeding cichlids for octo food?
I know that they can live in saltwater, but but I don't think that kind. And wouldn't they pick on the octo (they might be worse than damsels?).
I personally think it'll be easier to stick with shrimp, crabs and frozen stuff. Plus, you can sell the cichlids to your lfs for money to buy the food 8)
Who knows, maybe I was wrong in my assumptions :?:
Hey Mike,

What sort of ocotopuses are you keeping, and in what size tank(s)? The last time you posted, I don't think you had any cephs yet.

We have a very nice Octo Database where you can enter information about your tanks and your octos.

Interesting questions about food - I think we're so handicapped being inland. Carol just walks a few blocks and searches the shore for interesting live food for Ink.

I got two bimacs from fishsupply.com about a month ago and they are in my 135 gallon with no other occupants. The little guys are growing fast and are about 6 inches from armtip to armtip. I've been feeding them live ghost shrimp and they have been eating my hermit crabs and snails. I was looking to give them some freshwater fish as a treat when they get bigger and was thinking of using the 55 gallon I have as a breeder. I have some smaller Neo. Brichardi in there now, but I have debated about swtiching to something else. If feeding them live is too risky then I may just use the frozen fish on a stick method. By the way, the auo-notification isn't working on here.

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