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Missed Out


Blue Ring
May 21, 2007
Today my LFS had 2 small octopus. They were small and light colored. When I asked the owner if she knew what kind they were she didn't know. She just said that they weren't poisonous. Thanks :rolleyes:. I am so sad that I missed out. My tank wont be set up for another couple months. Them it has to cycle.

To Bad:indiffer:


Feb 9, 2008
When I discovered my hummelincki there were two in containers in one tank. I couldn't believe they actually had octopuses, and I had went to the LFS to plan on getting a fish for my reef, but when I saw them I had to have him. I had to move and give away some corals in my tank. It seems they come in every now and then in local stores, you can always ask for specific orders also once your tank is set up.

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