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Mines here today too! GO OCTOPETS GO!

he/she is doing well so far!! found a nice little snuggle spot on the bottom side of a rock (very visable) Ill see if I cant get some photos....

No powerheads in my tank, ive got very fine teeth overflow, and a dolphin return pump.
Mr/Mrs Bimac is HUNGRY!!! I have some stray hermits in the tank, probably 6-10, and sure enough he has one of the shells pulled up under itself,,, I dont know if heshe can eat it, or just wants too...

Then he found the stray acro crab I had found in my reef, and thrown in here weeks ago, he has it pinned and kinda acts like heshe doesnt know what to do with it....

first BIG meal...

I threw this crab in there thinking it would be a meal months down the road... NOt sure if the pus was able to eat it or not, but he sure had fun playing with it....


it was a hairy acro crab I pulled from my reef.

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