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Mimius week one

Dec 3, 2004
Well, just a quick update. Mimius has been with me for over a week now and seems to be settled into his home now. He is out in the open most of the time either sitting on top of his den or just outside it. He eagerly accepts fresh raw shrimp, crab and raw clams. As a treat he loves to hunt down Emerald and Fiddler crabs. So far this experience has been a great one, all the family love him. I still am awaiting Normans book in order to try and identify him, "brown octopus" just lacks personality. One pic of Mimius watching the world go by. Thanks.


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Your serpent star is stalking him like mine does Gimpy! They seem to just know there's food where ever the octopus is! He's really cute. The stripes by his eyes reminds me of one of the ones I had, just not real sure which one. Will have to dig out my Ceph book and take a look.

Thanks Carol, any help identifying him would be great. He doesn't seem to have an ocelli. He isn't nocturnal and has an exaggerated whitening of his mantle and web when pouncing.

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