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Mimic octopus?

a rabid squid

Oct 6, 2004
hi my dad really wants me to get a mimic octopus because he saw it on tv. i think theyre pretty cool too so if you have any info on where to get one or to tell me that theyre very hard to keep and shouldnt get one please post. :lol:
o yeah i also have succsesfully kept 2 cuttle fish so if you want to compare the difficullty of keeping mimics with cuttles thats cool too. :cool2:
Dec 24, 2004
I would advise against that. Although mimics are absolutely awesome, they seem to be pretty rare. Not only that, but I think an adult would cost around, oh, three hundred or more dollars. Not that I'm an expert, but the majority of the information kept on TONMO says, "Don't buy a mimic."

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