Mega shark vs Giant Octopus movie synopsis!


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Nov 19, 2002
Well, we had a staff social last night, pot luck dinner and "scary" movie, dinner was excellent, the movie..................welllllllllll it was different! quick plot summary.......experiments with sonar cause glacier/ice shelf to break off somewhere near the arctic, releasing the main protagonists a HUGE shark (supposedly Megalodon) and a HUGE octopus (species not named!), these then go off and wreak havoc, attacking a destroyer or two, a jet airliner (flying!), these are down to the shark, and a oil rig off Japan (the octopus), our pretty blonde oceanographer having pinched an experimental sub and thus was present at the release, extracts a piece of shark tooth from the carcass of a whale, but gets fired, and runs off to her old prof (an Irish ex navy submariner, marine paleontologist, who ran a US navy sub aground avoiding a pod of dolphins and thus got discharged!), together they figure out that the piece of tooth is from megalodon, meanwhile a Japanese researcher is tracking down the octopus stories and eventually comes to California to meet up with our duo. After some discussions the military break down profs door and arrest all 3, taking them to a hidden lab, where a very rude unpleasant chap is waiting to brow beat them in to helping catch the beasts. They agree so long as there is a promise to capture not destroy the poor wee things. So they set about trying to figure out a way to get them to San Francisco Bay and Tokyo Bay, we see them mixing all sorts of coloured liquid together but to no avail, during this there are all sorts of coy glances between the female oceanographer and the Japanese researcher, which culminates in a night of hot nookie in a broom cupboard! Which leads them to consider using pheromone attractants! (do otopus and sharks even use pheromones?) back to the lab and coloured mixtures.......the final one glows..... they have done it!!!! Nuclear Subs are deployed to lure the beasts, it's working.... the shark follows the US sub into the bay, and a mini sub is used to get the lure into shallow water, but it gets stuck on the manipulator arm oh no, our US hero's are going to get eaten!(Japanese hero has gone back to Japan to lure the octopus) but the arm breaks away (whew!!!). Meanwhile our rude project leader gives the order to fire,the cad! Annoying the shark and chasing it away, during which time it takes a bite out of the golden gate bridge! Same happens in Japan. Then our girl comes up with the idea of luring them north so they can continue their age old battle and kill each other! By this stage there is one Japanese Typhoon sub and six US subs, the octopus destroy 5 of the subs and both are gunning for the last US sub, when the Japanese sub distracts the octopus, which proceeds to try and wring the lif out of it! Meanwhile the US Sub has been attacked by the shark, our two hero's and the rude guy escape to the mini sub, but the big one is bitten in half by the shark!!!!! Shark & Octi now see each other and attack, killing each other!!!!!!!!!! Final shot is the two carcasses sinking into the deep.

So by my count humans score 1 shark, 1 octopus

Shark & octopus score, 1 airliner, 1 oil rig, 2 destroyers, 1 helicopter, 1 Jet fighter, at least 7 submersibles!

Unique Movie!!!!!!!!!!


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Sep 4, 2006
I thank you for this summary Jean. I would never have watched it but am pleased to know the plot so if some of my non-ceph friends speak about it I will have more clues than the trailers :biggrin2: