Meet Pancake the Ruby Octopus

Mar 24, 2024
Gig Harbor WA, USA
Hi All! I’m so happy to have found these forums.
I run a small public aquarium and we have recently acquired a O. rubescens, or Pacific Red Octopus aka Ruby octopus. His name is Pancake.
I’m no stranger to saltwater tanks, as I’ve been an avid reef keeper since 1999 and began keeping cold water tanks in 2007.

He lives in a 300 gallon eelgrass meadow tank in our aquarium. I’m quite smitten with him even though I know he only likely has months with us (he came from another facility who didn’t know how old he was) I’m assuming because he’s on the larger size that he’s a year or more. He shares his tank with a handful of shiner perch who I have affectionately called the piranhas They haven’t really interacted with him other than to steal Salmon from the feeding stick. Pancake takes the occasional swipe at them but they have plenty of space to escape
He gets fed meaty foods three times a week. His favorites are mussels, shrimp, salmon, clam, and of course live shore crabs. I’m currently working on various ways to provide enrichment for him. I’d love to hear what has worked well for others. Or course I’ll be diving in to read through posts too.

I’ve taken at least 1000 photos and videos of him and I’m completely obsessed with him.


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