[Octopus]: Meet "Hank"


Jun 1, 2017
Illinois, USA
My first Cephalopod arrived today from Quality Marine purchased through Liveaquaria.com as a "Caribbean" species. Was told by a friend he has seen similar species in the Florida Keys and they glow under moonlight.

I have pretty much had good experience purchasing from Liveaquaria.com however the majority of those purchases have been "Divers Den." Today UPS was the issue with flipped box on trip from truck to door and placed wrong side up as I approached my Glassdoor. Once opened I found the little guy inked himself in the bag. He appears fine one in tank.


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Welcome to Hank! He really is a little guy. Glad he 's doing well. I'm looking forward to following his journal and seeing more photos.

I can't make a good guess at this point. In the last picture, is he/she showing distinct spiky bumps or am I looking at suckers that give that appearance. The green around the eyes is a characteristic of O. brearius and the peachy color in the first photo as well but they don't have strong papillae. Usually the skin of O. briareus is very smooth but they can display very tiny rounded bumps over the entire mantle.

Hopefully you will be able to capture more pictures soon but I believe this is a very young animal and it will be quite shy for several months.

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