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Nov 20, 2002
Jess and I went to Pa on Friday and of course stopped at our favorite pet warehouse and of course had to come home with another octo that they had. I think it maybe another pigmy like Rummler was. It has the eyespot but it's different from the Bimacs. Major attitude!!! Just like Rummler had! Anyway, he survived the trip back just fine and when I got home, I checked my water parameters, did a 50 percent water change and dripped him for about 45 minutes. I like to let them come out of the bag on their own, so I dumped most of the water out and let him float till he felt comfortable to emerge. He inked very slightly as he left the bag and then proceeded to catch any and every crab he could hold! Took up residence in Rummlers old barnicle and even has dragged some shells as a door! The colorations are amazing compared to Inklet!! I really think this could be another pigmy.

I kind of have gotten used to being surrounded by octos!!!

Anyway here are the first pictures!!! :mrgreen:
Hi Carol,

Hey, I think I'm the first to welcome G2 (and why is he called G2?)
He's a cute little guy. I hope you get lots more pics of him.

Very cool looking octo, but I cant tell what he is??????????

what a good excuse to post lots more pics... please?
Hi Carol,

I was curious - now that you've had a chance to see a bit more of G2, do you think he's is the same species as Rummler?

Hi Nancy!

I am still not sure...His eyespots reminded me of Rummlers, but not of Inklet. Today when I got home from work he was hanging 1/2 in and 1/2 out of the barnicle, watching, flashing colors. He's a little piglet! Must have been really hungry! Here's a few more pictures. Everytime I go near the tank he seems like he's up to something. He tries to hide, sort of so I'm wondering if he was wild caught. Thought I saw some blue flashing where the eyespots are!!!
Hi Carol,

G2 is quite good at textures as well as colors.

I would imagine he was wild caught since only the tank bred bimacs are readily available.

Really enjoying the wonderful pics of G2.


have you ever asked the LFS where the octos were shipped from? That might help a bit
Hi Colin!

Called the store this afternoon and all they could tell me was Carribean. Sooo....we know it's not a Bimac. I kind of knew cause of the different colorations. Sometimes hes white with spots all over him and I have never had a bimac that looked as red as he did on arrival. I'm gonna do some web surfing and see what I can uncover. He doesn't have that look of a vulgaris. I'm still thinking some kind of pigmy.

And Nancy... It was Jess's turn to name him so she picked G2 from Inspector Gadget 2.

that helps a lot Carol...

would you say that is a definte eyespot on the webbing?
Octopus filosus, the Caribbean Two-spot Octopus, has an eye spot with an iridescent blue ring in the form of unbroken chain links. They lay small eggs (which you observed in Rummler). Body reaches 7 cm (a little under 3 inches) and arms to 30 cm (not quite 12 inches). Is found in the Caribbean Sea from Florida to Brazil.

You need to get out your magnifying glass for the eyestpots!

some of the picture son this site are of an octo i had which i thought was filosus.. the blue ring was very obvious as was the peachy orange suckers...

Cephalopod Care

check out the bottom two pics here

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