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May 30, 2000
If you have a spare 30 minutes and aren't doing anything (at all), you may enjoy watching the 80's Saturday morning live action / cartoon show, Mario Brothers... This week, Yahooligans (kids site) is featuring "Mario of the Deep", featuring a villian octopus.

Mario of the Deep

Click the show in the upper right corner. Quote: "Why, I could beat you with 7 arms tied behind my back."
While we're talking about Mario, in almost every Mario game to date there are squid/cuttlefish monsters called Bloopers (or some variation thereof). I believe the most recent appearance for Bloopers were in Mario Sunshine; one of the Bosses was Gooper Blooper, a giant-sized Blooper who spat out ink in a typical cephalopod manner. Defeating him requires that you pull his arms off (!), but he always grows them back!

Later, you can ride different-colored Bloopers like jetskis.

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