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Marine Epoxy


Jul 23, 2007
I plan on doing a cave system in parts of aquarium using great stuff, maybe some latex paint, and several layers of marine grade non toxic epoxy to seal it all...but my question is: Does anyone have any experience with using epoxy in their set-ups. I have read of several success stories doing this in reef set-ups, but as usual with all animals, sometimes certain species have problems with some materials.

ps. I also plan on a "coast to coast" style overflow system at each end of the tank with some modifications to the intake that will be new to some of you. While one end will serve as an overflow, the other will be the intake. However they can also be reversed and the intake and overflow will be reveresed just by switching two hoses. It will make more sense when I post pics in a few weeks
Members here suggested to me not to long ago to use gorilla glue when I asked about glueing rocks together. They have had success with cephs, so that brand seems ceph/reef safe. Not sure about other epoxies yet.

Be sure what you use the great stuff on will be heavily weighted or attached to the tank for its very bouyant.

Id be interested in seeing your overflow system, so Ill look fwd to the pics!
the cave system made with the great stuff will literally be attached to the tank and built into its walls. I've done this before in freshwater systems and terrerium waterfalls and such. It will actually be built on a pvc framework that is all ancored to the tank as well. If you have ever been to the public Aquariums such as Monterey Bay Aquarium, they use a similar approach building their displays. Just wasnt sure about the epoxy coating at the end.
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