[Octopus]: Mac (a bimac journal)

I'm feeding Mac pretty consistently one hermit per day. They're pretty big, and this seems to be plenty of food, as he isn't super active, mostly chilling in the rockwork. I assume he would be out and about more if he was hungry and not "fat and happy".

I put in the most recent hermit crab behind the rock where Mac hangs out, because I wondered whether he would hear the hermit walking/climbing/clicking around and become interested. As you can see, the hermit kind of ruined this plan by climbing up and over the rock, right into danger. Another day, another too-easy meal...

A closeup of the meal

And in case that wasn't close enough...

If I watch the videos blown up on a large screen (highly recommended), I'm able to see details way better than with the naked eyes.
A quick hunt video:

This was going to be a hunting video, but Mac didn't end up being hungry. I guess hunting instinct kicked in, but then he ended up just wandering around a little.
I went down this morning and found Mac hanging upside down on the glass cover of the tank, basically occupying the 1 inch gap above the water level.

It was such a curious place to "hang out" (sorry...), but then later in the afternoon he went back there so he must like it. In fact when I moved the weight to get a good camera shot, he tried to squirt me (0:13 in the video). Maybe he was annoyed, but it seemed kind of playful. He was definitely interested in what I was doing after that.

In fact, he seemed more curious about me, behind the camera, than the food challenge that I had set up...

(He eventually ate the hermit crab, but I had to leave the lid slightly open.)
Tried again for a food challenge. There is a plastic take-out container with holes cut (crudely) in the sides.

I'm always struck by how cavalier this guy is about climbing over the urchin, completely unbothered by those long pointy things...

It's also interesting to see the exact moment when he recognizes that he has struck gold.

Even after a lot of trying, he didn't find his way up to the opening at the top. He was just fixated on the holes, and didn't want to let go of his crab.

Eventually I opened up the lid more, and he finally got in.

And I thought this was so cute -- rather than taking dinner away, or tossing the container to the side, he just held it over his head with one of his arms while he ate. (Something that would have never occurred to those of us without spare arms.)

Yum, clam!
052524 yum clam.png
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