Pygmy Octopus
Nov 5, 2005

I've been visiting the boards on and off for quite awhile now. Never really had much to contribute, though. :sad: I've pretty much just sat here and sponged up as much info as I could.

We've had a 55 gallon marine tank for about 6 years now, and I've been considering turning it into an octopus tank for about 2 years. Before that, I had 4 very happy piranhas (different tank altogether) that met an untimely death from some bad food from the pet store, and my wife had a freshwater community tank. I think I feel confident enough in my octo knowledge now to be able to give somebody a good home, and I've been making all the necessary changes to the tank. Should be ordering my first bimac in a few weeks.

We also have 2 marine biologist friends that just moved back to CO (yeah, weird, but they like CO) and they had a chance to work with octopi while working on their grad degrees in Seattle (I forget which school, though...will have to ask), and they keep bugging me about when I'm buying it. I've gotten a few pointers from them, but nothing that hasn't already been posted here.

Annnnd like a few people here, I've been a Cthulhu nut for as long as I can remember, and my 4 year old's favorite stuffed toys are Cthulhu and a Deep One. :biggrin2: She's been bouncing around for the last week since I mentioned that we're getting an octopus, too.

Aside from that, I'm from Southern Colorado, am a software engineer, and this will probably be the most boring post you'll see from me. :heee:
CapnNemo said:
:welcome: I like your avatar!

LOL. Thx. I can make more. I can add to the smilies, too, if there's interest? I drew this guy years ago and dug him off an archive of stuff I had from '98. I thought he'd make a fitting icon for here. :mrgreen:
Please send me your smilies, thanks! I have a lot of catching up to do in that area, but would be great if you could send along -- in my opinion we have the best custom smilies on the planet, always glad to add to them.

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