Love for squid, sepia, all that jazz


Mar 1, 2006
Hello all,

I have been an unregistered lurker for several months now, but I thought I would come out and say hello. I'm an art conservator (the *other* type of conservation) with a soft spot for architeuthis. It's quite a coincidence that artists use sepia ink - I could only imagine the horror of a cuttlefish owner having sepia extracted from their pet. Regardless, I'm courting the idea of owning a cuttlefish someday, perhaps in a few years. In the meantime, I am enjoying this site and hopefully will have enough time to read all these articles.

Thanks for this great website!
:welcome: indeed!

My sister until very recently was the conservator at our local fishery museum (Vlaardingen used to be the herring capital of the world): contradictio in terminis, if ever I saw one :smile:
Welcome Melody.

You know, ink has actually been extracted from fossilised belemnites and other squid-like animals and used for painting. That would be a great challenge - true Jurassic art!

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