Lord Vader


Dec 6, 2002
Vader is having no problem being the predator of the tank. He catches ghost shrimp two or three at a time, catches two hermit crabs at a time (he held one down with two arms as he devoured the first) and still eats fresh prawn chunks or for that matter any other meat I put into the tank. Then today I came home and found him trying to eat one of my turbo snails which was bigger than he is! I have no idea how long he had been trying to force the snail out of his shell, but I was able to rescue it by offering Vader a piece of prawn.

I realize it may only be a temporary reprieve, but I have had those two snails for almost a year and I rather not see them becoming octo food. Those two snails have outlasted two other octos (neither which ever showed any interest in them) and now the smallest octo I have had is trying to take out his tankmates one at a time. I only wish he would eat some of the over two dozen bristle worms I have living in my live rocks, several of them are over 3 inches long.

This guy is the most active and inquisitive octo I have had. Any time I put amything into the water, he comes out immediately to investigate. He also "loves" to play tug-of-war with the feeding stick anytime I use it to feed him. He will hold on to it and try and pull it into the water for at least several minutes before he finally takes the food and retreats to his den to feast. Just thought I would share. :biggrin2:
Thanks for sharing!

glad to know that you have such a character!

Long live Sith Lords!


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